Christmas Boutique  | Celebrate Christmas! Celebrate 50 Years!

Christmas Boutique | Celebrate Christmas! Celebrate 50 Years!

Date / Time
  • Oct 4 2013
  • 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Visit Roger’s Gardens as we embrace the holiday season and celebrate 50 years of magic.  Stroll through the Gallery, as we delight you with 20 themed trees decked with ornaments, garlands, wreaths and treasures collected from around the world. The front of the Gallery celebrates a contemporary American Christmas with the emphasis on entertaining.  Bring friends and family together to celebrate the season over cocktails and canapés. Set your table with fine linens and exquisite centerpieces your guests will covet. As you wander through the back of the Gallery, be inspired by a modern European Christmas.  Imagine you are wandering through a Christmas Market where the romance of the holidays comes alive in grand tradition.  Discover unique crafts, including nutcrackers and wooden toys, sitting alongside trees adorned with hand- crafted ornaments to inspire thoughtful gift giving. It’s a blend of old world traditions and modern sentiment. Celebrate the holiday season at Roger’s Gardens.